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Harry Potter and friends have gone, but life at Hogwarts goes on. It's 2010, what will these new students bring to the school? A new RPG give it a try!
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PostSubject: BASIC INFO IMPORTANT   Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:41 pm

Okay so I made the common rooms but you need to make your dorm.

To do this
[list=1][*] Hit New Topic

In the name of your topic put your charrie's name for ex if her name was Genie you'd put Genie's Dorm.

Everyone will do this unless you want to room with another person. So if Jane and BRandy wanted to room then they could. If someone decides to room with you then you have no choice unless you email me!

Only girls in girls dorms but anyoe can be in boy's till 12 am then if a teacher catches you there well you'll regret it!
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