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Harry Potter and friends have gone, but life at Hogwarts goes on. It's 2010, what will these new students bring to the school? A new RPG give it a try!
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 NEWS for: Sunday August 8th 8:16 PM

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PostSubject: Re: NEWS for: Sunday August 8th 8:16 PM   Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:09 pm

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PostSubject: NEWS for: Sunday August 8th 8:16 PM   Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:33 pm

It is now free Time. Now for the real news lets have a flash back through the mind of Maria Thompson at the Dinner welcome speech.

I sat down ready to dig in but Headmistress Thomas stood in the front of us all looking around expectantly. She was a wise beautiful young woman, only twenty five, the youngest Hogwarts had ever had. But she had been the last head mistress' assistant and was doing a wonderful job as headmistress I thought.

"Welcome! I hope you all have had a wonderful day. I have a few annoucments.
One of them is there has been a theif on the loose stealing things while people are gone, these things include jewrley perfume watches money quills really just about everything. Please make sure you keep all extreme valuables in your wand safe vault supplied in each room.

On a happier note, this coming Thursday from 11 to 1 AM is the back to school dance, muggle style.
. I'm looking forward to see your elegant dresses and sharp tuxs. Girls make sure you aren't slutty." Everyone giggled but we knew she was serious

SO you guys need to find tuxedo's for your guys dresses for your girls and post the link below with their first and last names as to prevent too sluty clothing (SB! Very Happy ) Also I'd advise you avoid finding ''dates'' because if someone can't get on you'll be disappointed. Unless you guys agree to let the other one postfor you EX .

Herr plays Viktor and Mar plays Mari. Herr and Mar agree they want to go to the dance together in RPG land. So Herr tells Mar "YOu can post for me if I have to go." and Mar can give Viktor the same permission.

If you are giving someone permission to post as you post below the user name and the RPG charrie's name. Questions? Post below
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NEWS for: Sunday August 8th 8:16 PM
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