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Harry Potter and friends have gone, but life at Hogwarts goes on. It's 2010, what will these new students bring to the school? A new RPG give it a try!
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PostSubject: HEY HEY HEY COME LOOK   Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:45 pm

Okay so I created this so that I can keep us moving FORWARD in time at Hogwarts. Just some info you NEED to know
  1. Look here right before you post so that you know where you need to be. EX, if AuroraBell's characters are outside and it says that it's curfew time, AuroraBell needs to get her Characters out of there. What happens if AuroraBell is talking to SB and SB is not on in time for curfew? SHe puts something like: Jazz said goodbye then ran to the common room. If you aren't on then don't worry bout it, just make sure your next post is in the right place.

    ''Classes'' Officialy start the seventeenth. Make sure every hour your in a different class room, I will get a schedule up before then (hopefully)

    ''Classes'' Need to be played from the hours of 7 AM- 5PM my time. I know it's odd hours but with school starting we shouldn't even be on for the majority of it. There is a breakk for lunch.

    Breakfast can be played from 5 AM - 6: 55 AM Central time

    Lunch noon till one PM still MY time

    Supper Six- Seven Can everyone TRY to start getting on around that time? Just to drop in? Not everyday but occasionally please?

    Curfew for your dorms is at 11:45 PM Central Real time

    and curfew for in your bed is 2 AM

    If we decide to get off schedule it will be posted here. Hence LOOK BEFORE YOU PPOST.

    This schedule becomes effective 8/17/10 till then depend on this to tell you what's going on.
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