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Harry Potter and friends have gone, but life at Hogwarts goes on. It's 2010, what will these new students bring to the school? A new RPG give it a try!
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 A List of Materials To Read

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Headmistress Thomas

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PostSubject: A List of Materials To Read   Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:56 pm

The Daily or Weekly Prophet- Sometimes it's daily others weekly. A big paper with lots of parts. We need like three people to work on it. You will be assigned your choices of parts of the paper

The Monthly Quib- A new version of the Quibbler strange creatures and superstions! Need one or two people to help

Witches Monthly- A short magazine with all the latest gossip need one persons help

Teen Team- Monthly Sports Mag for guys and girls two people to help me please?

newWitch- A magazine monthly that comes out for teen girls need several girls to help or gay guys he he

Quidditch Guys- Dude monthly mag need a person who plays a guy to help me
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A List of Materials To Read
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